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Ketamine HCL Crystals x 250 Grams (Shipping Included)

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250.00 Grams
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Product Description

Product Description:


The first used as a recreational drug in 1965, ketamine - that's 2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)- cyclohexanone chemcial fans - most commonly comes as a powder base, but can also be seen in liquid and tablet form. 

Some people describe a speedy rush within a few minutes of sniffing the powder (20 minutes if taken as a pill, quicker if injected), leading to powerful hallucinations and even out of body experiences (the 'K Hole'), along with physical incapacitation.

If you're on a dancefloor, music can sound heavy, weird and strangely compelling, lights seem very intense and physical co-ordination can fall apart along with an overall feeling of numbness. 

Some people feel paralysed by the drug, unable to speak without slurring, while others either feel sick or throw up.

Be extremely careful how much Ketamine you take - it's stronger than the same amount of speed or coke and the more you wolf down, the stronger the effects. 

Accept that you may well be in for a rough ride with the drug as its effects are unpredictable and sometimes very confusing. Try not to mix it with other drugs, particularly alcohol. 

Make sure you take it in a safe environment with friends who know what you're up to. Remember it's an anaesthetic, so if you hurt yourself you may not feel any pain. Like all drugs, it's best to be in good mental and physical health before taking anything. 


Side Effects:

This product blocks nerve paths without depressing respiratory and circulatory functions, and therefore acts as a reliable anaesthetic. Ketamine may turn you into a gibbering, spaced out bore, mumbling and slurring away while your dancing may begin to resemble Bill and Ben on acid. Your movements may become as swift as a spliffed-up tortoise crawling across an extra-sticky big bun on a very hot day. You may be unable to move at all.  Nobody knows what the long-term effects of taking ketamine regularly are. Because of its anaesthetic qualities, people have been known to hurt themselves and not realise until the following day. Ketamine should not be taken with respiratory depressants, primarily alcohol, barbiturates, or Valium and because of the uncertain interaction with other drugs, it is advised not to mix ketamine with anything. Large doses could induce unconsciousness which could lead to cardiovascular failure. Although not physically addictive, some users have a developed a strong habit. 

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